Power-on your computer from anywhere in the world!

WOL-Manager is a Wake-On-LAN (and -WAN) App which manages devices (PC, NAS, Server or any other Wake-On-LAN compatible device) to turn them on with just one click from all over the world. So now you can access your data, no matter where you are, all you need is the WOL-Manager app, a internet connection and additional remote software.

With WOL-Manager you can also add several devices to one group and wake them all together. The ‘Instant-Wake’ feature powers-on the specific devices instantly after you started the app, which is useful in case you always want to wake up the same devices or groups over and over again. WOL-Manager works with IP- and broadcast addresses, as well as with domain names such as DynDns.

Pre-condition is that your devices support Wake-On-LAN and that it is setup correctly within your local network. Also check your router for Wake-On-LAN support and its settings if you want to use it with dynamic domain names from anywhere in the world.

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Developer: Andreas Gabel


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