The benchmark for mobile sensor technology.

Due to smaller sensors and even smarter devices, the number of different sensors in a smartphone increases with each generation. Through the fragmentation of android and the variety of manufacturers there are many different sensors built into smart devices. SensMark analyzes these sensors and shows the results in comparison to each other. Read more…


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Be up to date on mobile computing!

Want to keep up with the latest mobile computing technology news?
Mobile Geeks covers all the¬†latest on Ultrabooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Gadgets and the software that you love to run on them.¬†Read more…



Power-on your computer from anywhere in the world!

WOL-Manager is a Wake-On-LAN (and -WAN) App which manages the devices (PC, NAS, Server or any other Wake-On-LAN compatible device) and turns them on with just one click from all over the world. Access your data, no matter where you are, all you need is a internet connection and additional remote software. Read more…


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This application is no longer available since the underlying website stopped publishing and reinvented itself as Mobile Geeks. Read more…